lapanzo is a product developed by softnxt technologies pvt ltd.
Lapanzo Meaning: Your Single Point Solution to Find Stores based on Location for A to Z Needs

Install Lapanzo application it discover local service provider nearby and it shows you a list of business or service that deliver your need in your locality. Delivery at home or at work. Pick your category of business select the vendor get into the menu and select all your required products or service and place an order. Before conforming your order you need to enter your mobile number and email ID and we have COD cash on delivery systems for the initial.

About Lapanzo
Lapanzo Service offers grocery, confectionery, dairy, meat, water, home services and other solutions right to your door. Order online and select your delivery day, time and drop off preference. Sign up for Lapanzo all service at one place. you can select your known store or service which you mite known personally. if any drawback in service you can easily contact that business person because is near by and you know them not like other commerce applications like rising tickets and speaking to customer care waiting for your turn..

What Lapanzo is? Lapanzo make life easy for the customer and the merchants.

Customer : we provide platform where you get all the services in one app and which are near by your location.
Merchant : me make your business easy and healthy customer flow with our user-friendly application.

How it works: It's as easy as one, two, three! 1. Select your category it discover local stores and business nearby. 2. Select your store or vendor with required products. 3. place order with your convenient date and time. here done with the problems the service vendor will be at your door step. every thing will be tracked and reported. payment mode initial we provide only cash on delivery and with in a few working days we will active online payment.